Monetize your expertise

Are you an expert in your field? Does your business have valuable insights that can make a difference to how other businesses perform?

Quite often we see businesses that are sitting on a wealth of ultra-high value data, insights and analytics that they use to run their own business and advise a small circle of clients and partners.

We believe you should explore monetizing your expertise. Create a new revenue stream for your business by leveraging what you already have. Reach an audience beyond your existing physical boundaries.

The Market Research Industry is Global

Industry insight reports can sell for monthly fees of anywhere between $200 and $10,000. Where do you think the value of your expertise fits within this range? How many companies would pay a modest monthly fee to read your insights? A modest model of $200 per month and 25 new customers per month can yield a significant Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR).

Sample Revenue Curve

This is not an insignificant revenue stream. Your business also gains from the on-going exposure and positioning as an industry expert.

This business model falls under what is traditionally known as the Market Research industry. There are many players in this space providing a range of quality products. A lot are priced at the top end of the market and therefore out of reach for many SMEs. We believe there are many organisations – possibly yours – with untapped market insights that can fill this market need.

Creating the delivery mechanism can be daunting. Creating a marketing website that is clean and focussed on these new products. Allowing online payments for multiple report types and access levels. Using chatbots to automate the sales funnel. Securing the reports and presenting them to authorised customers in a visually appealing and interactive way. Designing the system for efficient scale. To do it right is not a small task and may discourage you as the ROI is not immediate and it is difficult to test the market without a significant investment. partners with companies and provides all of the delivery technology required. You bring the valuable insights and we deliver it to your marketplace. It is a win-win proposition that allows you create a new business revenue stream with minimal risk and minimal cost.

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