Best Ways to Analyse the Performance of a PPC Campaign

Best Ways to Analyse the Performance of a PPC Campaign

If you use a combination of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Bing Ads it can be difficult to compare results given the variations in type of audience across each platform and the multiple reporting styles and metrics within each Advertising platform.
Your marketing strategy will target buyers at different stages in the buying process which will drive which platform to focus advertising on. Marketing has become a much more critical part of the buying process in recent years.
When best to use Pay Per Click (PPC) and which platforms suit you best will be unique to your business and needs.
Your marketing campaign should provide information about your business and product at each stage of the buyer journey and will be tailored to each distinct phase in the funnel.


For example LinkedIn advertising is best suited to the Awareness and Interest phases. People go on LinkedIn to learn about what people are doing and what is happening in their business network. They are rarely seeking to evaluate and purchase a product when on LinkedIn. Hence product awareness advertising is ideal for LinkedIn. Pay it forward by providing some real value to your audience. Genuinely interesting articles, white papers and general advice are usually welcomed on LinkedIn.


Google is best suited to the latter half of the buying process where people are seeking out an answer or solution to a problem. They will also be evaluating and comparing solutions in the same space, trying to get a full picture of what is on offer prior to seeking a sales engagement. Hence your Google PPC adverts should be driven by very specific keywords and search phrases that show an intent to buy. The links the prospect is brought to should focus on the solution you provide and why your product or solution is the best in the market for their needs.

Key metrics

The most common metrics across Pay-Per-Click platforms are;
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Click through rate
  • Conversions
  • Cost per click
  • Cost per conversion
  • Cost per acquisition
Of course impressions and clicks are only of value if the person clicking on your advert is actually a potential buyer. Inaccurate targeting will waste your budget and waste the time of your audience.
If you are managing campaigns across multiple platforms it can be a very laborious and tedious task to log in separately and compare the statistics to get a view on these key metrics across the platforms.

Some PPC Statistics

  • The average click-through rate is less than 3% — so set your expectations.
  • For high commercial intent searches (someone looking to buy a product) paid ads get over 65% of all clicks.
  • Approximately half of people regularly click on text adverts and approximately 15% click on video ads — which would indicate that video is better for awareness than commercial intent adverts.
  • PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors.
  • On average, over 40% of clicks go to the top three paid ads on the search results page.

Monitoring the ROI

Whether you are managing your own budget or managing campaigns for clients, you need to understand how your campaigns are performing. What is the return on investment (ROI)? Where should you focus your spend? You will be using a number of different platforms and as such in order to understand what is performing in what products, services, markets & times. You need to get that data into a consistent view so you can compare apples for apples.

An example

An example using this article — and the pitch! This article is intended to provide some value to the reader to think through the best use of the various advertising platforms. We are posting this on our blog and LinkedIn etc. for the Awareness and Interest phase of the buying process. Some readers may decide that one thing that could help them is a simple way to see all of their key metrics from the various Ad platforms in one place and consider our solution. If not, then some brand awareness is also of value to us.

See all your key metrics in one place with provide an out of the box solution with no code that lets you compare performance of all of your PPC platforms in one place. Side by side comparative analysis and the ability to drill down into any dates, platforms and campaigns.
What is the cost per click across all campaigns and all platforms? What is the cost per click for a particular campaign across platforms? What was the impact of an increased spend on one platform?
By bringing all of the data together in an automated way, you get these kinds of insights without the effort. Spend your time analysing your data or your client’s data and stop spending time wrangling data.
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