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Are your business systems under control and are you in control of your Shadow SaaS? In a previous blog post we commented on the emerging evolution of the hybrid business application environment.  In this article we focus on the concept of control over your business systems in relation to SaaS systems. There is an old term called …

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How is our data secured?

Our platform moves data from your cloud systems to your data warehouse. We do not persist your data unless we are hosting your data warehouse. All access tokens and connection strings are stored within Microsoft Keyvault. All traffic is over encrypted protocols. Our databases are encrypted at rest.Go to https://uniformity.io/pricing to get started. Facebook Twitter …

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SaaS Data Aggregation: A Design Pattern for the modern Enterprise

Technical Architects and Solution Architects have recently had to consider a wide variety of systems and integrations to satisfy business needs. The evolution of Software-as-a-Service solutions on the market has driven a considerable increase in a hybrid application landscape that combines internal homegrown systems, third party supplier/partner systems and SaaS-based applications.When defining your Enterprise Architecture …

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Is there a free trial?

Yes, you may avail of our 30 day free trial. No credit card is required in order to start the trial.Go to https://uniformity.io/ pricing to startThis is a full feature trial allowing you to setup any of the connectors available. There is a limit of two connectors during the trial period. Facebook Twitter Linkedin

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